June World Missions Update


Our new LINKS MISSIONARIES are Bob and Colleen Skinner. This assignment is for the next 3 years and we will pray for them, be in contact with them for birthdays and their anniversary and Christmas, etc. What a great way to learn more about our missionaries working somewhere in the world. The Skinners are now missionaries in POLAND. Bob and Colleen both graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary and have been missionaries since 1980 when they were first assigned to the Philippines.

In 1995 the Skinners were transferred to Kiev, Ukraine to participate in church planting not long after the fall of communism in that country. Along with the start and development of new churches, the Bible College extension training for leaders and pastors, summer and winter camps for children and youth, and kids clubs were begun. They began Ukrainian Nazarene Medical Missions, drug and alcohol rehab centers and children’s homes for abandoned kids, etc.

In 2012, Budapest, Hungary became their place of service and then, 3 years later, the Skinners moved to Poland to continue church planting and development. As an avenue for church planting, the Church of the Nazarene has opened 2 coffee house ministries. The Lord is opening new opportunities for the Gospel through Upward basketball, English classes in schools and universities, and ministry among refugees. God is at work in Poland and we want to be in-step with His Spirit!

The Skinners have 3 sons who are all studying in America now. Robby graduated from Northwest Nazarene University and now is attending Fuller Northwest Theological Seminary. Michael & his wife both graduated from Olivet Nazarene University and are in Kansas City where he is attending Nazarene Theological Seminary. Joshua is a sophomore at Olivet Nazarene University.

Please pray for this wonderful family, especially for Bob and Colleen in Poland.



A beautiful statue, “the Christ of Havana, Cuba” towers 259 feet over the city, greeting all who enter the Havana harbor. His eyes were sculpted to look at all, and can be seen from many points throughout the city. Interestingly, he was inaugurated on Christmas Eve, 1958, just days before the country experienced a revolution and decades of trying times.

Much like this statue, ‘the Christ of Havana’, the work which JESUS Film teams are doing in Cuba and around the world reflects how Christ has always been present; how He continues to transform lives and restore hope every day!

In the last five years, teams have reported more than 6,500 Cubans who have come to know and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Christ’s love is manifesting in hearts and lives, just like the statue that has comforted their city for so long.

With your help, seventeen teams are ministering in Cuba and 756 additional teams are serving in 54 total countries!


WOW! $10,450 love offering for our friend and missionary, Dr. Erin Meier! You folks are incredible! What can we say but a great big THANK YOU!


Lexi Ramsey Shared

It was exciting to hear our independent missionary, Lexi Ramsey, tell of her experiences in the girl’s home in India. She showed pictures of these sweet girls going to church on Easter Sunday – all with new clothes. There were 5 girls in the picture including her daughter Melody. The interesting part was that the four little Indian girls each had on one of Melody’s dresses…and she had on an Indian dress! Lexi has provided each girl with a very special time on their birthday – taking them shopping, out for lunch, doing something fun of their choice and a birthday cake! She takes them on brief outings, plays games, helps them study, and generally lets them know they are loved. Every evening she has devotions with them and is teaching them how to pray. What a blessing Lexi and Melody must be in this home! Pray for Lexi and Melody!


“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’”