For the Love on Mother’s Day

As I reflect on the events around last weekend it is with a grateful heart. Not all Mothers’d Day celebrations at church have been that way. It’s a complicated day for many of us and for various reasons. Amy and I were talking today about the incredible job Jesus had as a man in this world, as our Savior growing up in a home with brothers and sisters. The cross was always before him and life always right in front of him. While I would never diminish that in any way, the job Mary had was also incredible. She was young, had a miraculous conception, difficult birth, raised a brilliant son, watched him grow into manhood and do miracle after miracle and then unjustly die. She was courageous. What must she have felt when she saw him after his resurrection? And what an incredible example to us of all God created in women.

Last Sunday Kelly Riggs gave a brilliant message of humility and hope born of love; love for God and love for family. She described her own story, her families story with humor and transparency. Her points from Ephesians hit the home, giving many a renewed sense of hope for their own families. Thank you Kelly!

Patty Clark was amazing as she introduced and prayed over Kelly. Linda McCoy wrapped it all up with a blessing for all the women in our congregation. It was beautiful to receive that blessing Linda.

Thank you all who served communion, ushered, greeted, watched over us with security, prepared elements, cleaned up afterward, presented worship, worked lights, media and sound. As men and women picked up the lovely little cards and wrote down a name or need and placed them in a basket, I was reminded of the beautiful work Jesus did on the cross. He offers every day healing and hope. There are some days when we seem to need it more than others. Our staff gathered the cards and reverently prayed over the needs those cards represented at our Tuesday staff meeting.

We know it takes a village but really, but on Mother’s Day Sunday it was the cooperative spirit of all the volunteers and the deep love of our Heavenly Father that I pray showed love and dignity to a generation of women that need encouragement so badly.

Ladies as you look at your photos from our photo booth and see your flowers our Jr Leaders handed out, remember how special and loved you are.

Jan Holly
Worship Director