OroNaz Children’s Co-Op


A few years ago when Pastor Shane and her team were in the process of launching this Co-op program I really didn’t know what to expect or if it was really going to work. I was on board, but very curious and somewhat skeptical. Fast forward two years I am constantly blown away at what God is doing in this tremendous blessing of a ministry called OroNaz Co-Op.

By the grace of God I am able to be a stay-at-home parents with our 3 year old, Hosanna, 1 ½ year old Zechariah, and soon, a new little blessing due in September. While I love what I am called to do, there are many voids that the co-op fills that I couldn’t do on my own.  For example, as I work down my list of daily “to-dos” I often forget to let my kids have focused play learning time.  Co-op helps with that. My kids get to have FUN while learning! In this last year, just going to one day a week Hosanna has learned her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, some fun songs, and so many other daily lessons in record time.  While we were working on these things at home I know she wouldn’t have picked it up as fast as she has with her friends & leaders by her side. She has helped rake “leaves”, shovel “snow”, “milked a cow”, release ladybugs, made music, planted flowers, and so much more. Our toddler is even involved wherever possible too!

Not only do my children get genuinely loved on by our church family, but they learn respect for their peers and their leaders.

Pastor Shane and Rita are constantly posting pictures on the private co-op Facebook of what the kids are doing not only so we parents can see how are kids are doing without us but to help us interact with our children when they get home and can be on the same page as their teachers.  They also keep crafts and pictures compiled in a scrapbook for the end of the year to document the fun& growth each child has experienced. That alone blesses my heart so! That is something a mama always wants to do but rarely gets to doing.  Oh and did I mention I get 3 hours to myself 3 days a month? Not only do my kids get all these benefits but I get a break to do whatever I want to d0—may that be spending time with God or a friend or simply taking a shower without interruption. All I have to commit to is serving& observing what God is doing through the Co-op one day a month?! Amazing. I have never heard of another church doing this.

Overall my favorite thing about co-op is that my children are being taught Jesus. Prayer over snack & lunch time as well as gently threaded into lessons is what blesses my heart the most. As a young Mama, I am well aware where I fall short but am so humbled by this ministry that helps fill those gaps.  I am so, SO, SO grateful for this ministry that allows the church to not only love on us moms by giving us a break to do whatever we need to do to fill our cup up again but also to offer hope to our kiddos in a fun environment where they are encouraged to be kids!

Kara Bishop

OroNaz Children’s Co-Op Parent