One of the newest and youngest members of our Worship Team is Claire Ortiz. She came to us with no experience in sound technology but with a learner’s heart and mind.

She watched our team leader Sonny Lopez like a hawk, taking advantage of every opportunity to get her hands on that sound board. We have an active calendar at OroNaz, desiring to serve our community as best as we can with our facility. That requires on sight staffing for most events. While Claire is still a high school student, with the help of her family and other team members, she has volunteered to be at, and eventually run events all by herself. I am blessed by her dedication and dependability. She is forward thinking and extremely creative in her approach to the sound needs.

But it is not just her dedication to the technology department that intrigues me. In her thirst for a deeper relationship with God she joined Pastor Ed’s Membership Class and became a member of the Oroville Nazarene Church a few weeks ago.

I truly admire her courage and tenacity. She is a valuable part of this team as well as an incredible part of our body.

And in her words:

“Serving on the worship team is such an awesome experience. I’ve only been encouraged by those I serve with. It has impacted my life in every way. Jan said to me in my interview that it looked like I needed an extended family and she was right. I’ve gotten that and so much more!”

Thank you Claire Ortiz for your dedication to God and to Oroville Nazarene Church!

By Jan Holly