Thanksgiving, a time in which we gather to be thankful. For most of us, we can raddle off a half dozen things in no time at all; God, family, friends, pets, work, home, health. See, not so hard at all, i didn’t even mention my wife and kids by name; which i very well could, for each one is such an amazing blessing that i am incredibly thankful. However, there are many young people in Oroville that cannot so quickly name as much. For them, Thanksgiving is just another day on a calendar to remind them of what they don’t have at home.

The ministry of Axiom along with Journey seeks to change that for as many as possible within our community. This past Tuesday we celebrated our Annual Axiom Journey Thanksgiving, and it was awesome! Countless volunteer hours, food prep, servers, loving hearts and open ears filled the room that night. Each story unique, every life being cherished, every soul being poured into was a sight to behold. It was an evening filled with laughter, smiles, singing and food, lots and lots of food.

One story is actually a look back at an Axiom student from days gone by so impacted that he stopped in to give a report. He is married now, has a job, is going to school; he is successful, aspiring, and the future is bright for him. The Axiom helped pave the way for him. It was there for him during his most significant life crises, and he is a testament to the impact the Axiom has on the lives of the future of Oroville, the teens.

There are so many teens that come from broken homes. They suffer from families with addictions and strife. Their thankfulness meters are on empty, but if you asked them what they were thankful for you would hear things like; Axiom, Krysi Riggs, Rachel Cowan, Volunteers, a place to be accepted, a safe place to be, a reason to be. Those thankfulness tanks are being filled; these students are being changed, one life at a time, one day at a time. They may not see it today, they may not be able to articulate it, but they can feel it, and when they finally recognize it, it will be them returning to give thanks in years to come.

What are you thankful for this year? May you be blessed beyond anything you can imagine and may your tanks be overflowed with gratitude this holiday season. You are loved!

CJ Williamson

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