Children’s Center Parent Co-op

Co-op Blessings

We just wrapped up our third year of our OroNaz Children’s Center Co Op. I interviewed 4 parents to find out what their experiences have been, and this is what they had to say about their involvement in the Co Op:

  1. What are the top three reasons you guys joined the Co Op?

A co-op was something I always had on my heart. I even tried to start my own when my oldest was a pre-schooler. But babies. When Shane shared her vision I was excited to help and be a part of it. We needed community and honestly, I needed a break.

Reason 1: So the kids could play with other kids on a regular basis. Reason 2: So the kids could learn and participate in learning with other kids. Reason 3: So I could have time to myself (which VERY RARELY EVER happens)

Classroom like atmosphere (good school experiences without the bad ones,) extra teaching about Jesus, socializing for the kids and myself and a more controlled and one on one environment.

Community and socializing for the kids and myself, one less day that I have to figure out homeschool work.

So my kiddos could have an outlet & I could have a little break!


  1. How have your kids been affected by participating in the Co Op?

Our children LOVE co-op or as they call it “church school”. They have FUN! They love spending time with their friends and have a true heart connection with their teachers. The co-op has been the reason that my kids RUN to church. They LOVE their church.

My older two have made friends and my toddler has become more comfortable playing with other kids and being away from me. They really love going to co-op! because they feel comfortable and have so much fun!

They both have developed bonds with the kids, teachers and families that have given them more feelings of confidence and safety. Plus they’ve learned so much from social skills to extra practice with letters and numbers.

My kids have created friendships that have now branched into enjoying other experiences during the week with them, they also have learned a lot of knowledge and character.

Great introduction for “school” – Coop comes home singing the songs – talking about his teacher & his “kids” – wonderful socialization for him! (& Silas too – he just doesn’t talk yet! But he does hum his ABC’s!)


  1. Is there anything else you would like to share about the Co Op?

This co-op meets parents where they are at. It literally provides all the things that a parent with young kids needs; support, friendship, a break, a safe place to leave their kids, socialization for kids and parents, Christ centered education. Co-op has it all! What a blessing it is!

I didn’t realize how rich of a learning experience it was going to be for them. I was amazed at all of the hands-on fun things they got to do while learning. Also, all of the teachers have been so good with the kids.

It’s actually pretty overwhelming for me when I stop and think about how this started three years ago and how it seemed so big and challenging to get started but now it’s this amazingly well oiled machine that is so beneficial to many families. We love co-op and are blessed to have this in our family.

One of my favorite parts is that the teachers are trustworthy and care, and also that other moms are having positive influence in my childrens lives as well. (community)

I think this is just a wonderful concept – a generous ministry & a huge blessing to the kids – but more-so the moms – having a safe place – that your kids love to go – with people you know & trust – sheesh – need I say more???!

We added the Home School Community to our group this year. We also added one more class. I can’t believe how God has blessed the efforts of these teachers and parents. We served up to 70 kids and their families this year. And we will continue to be a family to Families next season. I’m so thankful for a church that supports a ministry to young parents like this! #blessed #thankful #filled #AllJesus

Shane Heldman – Children’s Pastor