Sunday, December 10th During Both Morning Services

We have the opportunity to triple our current property to allow us ample space for the future. If you are a member make sure and be with us as we present the details of this proposal on Sunday, December 10, 2017 during both morning services., followed by a vote. Feel free to talk to any member of the Church Leadership Team (CLT).

Congregational Meeting & Vote Q & A

Q—What plans do we have for the land?

A—With the acquisition of this land onto our current ten acres, it gives us just under thirty acres to dream and  explore a lot of options. The donated land adjacent to our current property, parcel #58 starts in the middle of our current building. It is our hope some day to be able to open up the parking and access to the back of the lot through this parcel as well as our current access on the west side of the property. Without the purchase of parcel 52 we will not be able to do this. The donated parcels will only be accessible through the east side of our current property. If we let ourselves dream just a little, it would be great, in the future, to build another gym for additional space and expansion of Upward Basketball, youth events, for additional space as a Red Cross Shelter, and well … as long as we’re dreaming, a lot of opportunities in the future! Our goal is and will continue to be finding new ways to be the Church to our Community.

Q—What is the cost of parcel #52?

A—The cost is $0.17 per square foot, total cost is $31,695.00. We will purchase it as a note from the sellers, with a five year term. Sellers will carry two notes, both are at 4% interest. Total monthly payments for both notes will be 583.74 (2nd note 1st payment due Jan 2019). We will split the escrow and recording costs with the seller.

Q—What is the hurry to purchase  parcel #52?

A—The seller is desiring to close the gift and purchase before the end of the year.

Q—We took out a construction loan to remodel our current facility three years ago, how much do we still owe on that loan?

A—The original note was for $515,000, we currently owe $485,666. It is our desire to pay any extra funds towards this loan. Our intent is to pay the new loan we are proposing for the land off over a five year period as agreed.

Q—Are there any tax consequences to us receiving this property?

A—Currently as a Church we don’t pay taxes on our property.

Q—I have more questions, how  can I get more info?

A—Feel free to talk to any of the Church Leadership Team, you can also talk to Pastor Dennis or Pastor Kenn. An easy way is to email your question to .