Cornerstone Fall Update

Summer in Oroville is winding down and we will begin to shift our focus toward the Fall. Our Summer wind up in Cornerstone is our annual Pie Fest that will take place this Sunday evening beginning at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary. This is our last big event before our Thanksgiving Dinner in November.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do it this Sunday by filling out the insert in the Welcome Folder and putting it in the offering bag, or you can email Sally Miller (

Our program this year will be different, but helpful.  We have become aware of how easy the destructive force of fires can be, not only  destroying neighborhoods, but cities. Santa Rosa, Napa, and Redding are some of the cities that have experienced devastating loss. Only last year, our community was threatened by the Wall Fire and some families are still trying to recover and rebuild. Bob Zollner and John Webber, two of our Cornerstone Leadership Team, are ex-career Firemen. They will be presenting an informative guide to taking the steps of getting prepared for the possibility of a fire in your community. Good planning is good preparation.

Also, I want to keep before you the Haiti Teacher Project that Cornerstone is committed to. Our Cornerstone members have committed to raising $5000 this year to fund the teacher’s salaries at the Faith Based High School on the Island of LaGanave, Haiti. So far, we have raised only $1760.  So, you can see we have a real challenge ahead of us to the end of the year. I will say it again. This is one way that we can help overcome the darkness and hopelessness of the future of LaGanave. We have asked everyone in Cornerstone to give $1.00 a week, or $50 a year.  Some of us can give much more  as we embrace this opportunity. So, come Sunday evening and put your offering for the Haiti Teachers in the School house we will have set up.

Finally, I want to alert you to a change in the date of our Thanksgiving Dinner. We have moved it from Friday, November 16, to Thursday, November 15. Why?

Well, Susie and I found out that our 50th year of our college graduating class will be meeting for a reunion that Friday in San Diego. Thank you ahead of time for being flexible with the date. Cornerstone members can usually adjust our schedules and come together for a feast any time.

Onward and upward,

Pastor Ed