Cornerstone Ice Cream Social

It was a night to remember! Over a hundred people from the Cornerstone Group gathered last Sunday night to kick off the summer with an ice cream social. The ice cream was scooped, and the cookies and cakes and brownies were served. It was a sugar free for all. And – we all partook with no remorse!

Pastor Ed challenged everyone to consider setting aside a dollar a week to give to the Haiti High School Teachers fund. The model of the High School in Haiti was out and we responded, with over a thousand dollars given to support the cause. What a blessing their gifts are!
Then the sweetest part of the evening came when “Streets of Gold” started playing and singing their own version of Gospel Blue Grass. We had a foot stompin’ hand clappin’ time together. They played some newer songs, but they also broke out in several old hymns that we all knew and enjoyed singing together.
The evening accomplished what it set out to do, to enjoy each others’ fellowship, some sweet food, and some sweet tunes. Plan to be part of the next Cornerstone event, Sunday, September 9th at 6 PM as we gather again to share some sweet food and some sweet times at our annual “Pie Fest”.