The second event on our yearly Cornerstone calendar took place on Friday, March 24th. Even though it was raining, over 100 brave and hungry folks attended our Cornerstone Spring Barbecue Lunch.  In past years we held a Saint Patrick’s Day lunch, but we traded the corned beef and cabbage for burgers and hotdogs. Rick Hook, John Webber, and Bob Zollner brought their BBQ’s and cooked the meat under the front canopy in the midst of the rain, but people could smell the great aroma as soon they got out of their cars. David Mills prepared the condiments, and Susie Redfern decorated the tables with Spring centerpieces and flowers. There was a genuine buzz of anticipation as Cornerstone members were just happy to be sharing the event together.

Pastor Dennis and Pastor Kenn had just returned from their trip to Haiti, where we are in a Partnership with the Island of LaGonave. The Cornerstone ministry has committed to raising the necessary funds to pay for teacher’s salaries at the new High School we are building. Last year, we raised almost $7,000 for this need. It’s a new year, and we are challenging all of those in Cornerstone to save and give at least $1.00 a week to support these teachers. We collect this offering throughout the year at our Cornerstone events. You started this new year by giving $700. We have a long way to go to match last year’s total, but I’m convinced that we will do it.

Cash Colby was our Cornerstone feature ministry.  Cash has been part of Oronaz for over forty years and his gifts and talents have been blessing us through song and story.  He sang some of the ballads and songs from years past that still tell us how AWESOME and AMAZING Jesus is. We have the privilege of entering into worship every day, not just once a year at Easter because His death on the cross, and resurrection from the grave. He concluded by singing his trademark song, “He’s Alive,” and I have been humming and singing it all week. Thanks Cash for that inspiring reminder.

Our next Cornerstone event will be our yearly Ice Cream Social on Sunday, June 11, at 6pm. What are great way to kick off the summer.  See you there!


By Ed Redfern