Journey Student Ministry

Good News from the OroNaz Youth Group

Pastor Abe Huerta

As a youth pastor, it is difficult and at times heart-breaking to deal with young people that have been attending youth group, making great strides with Jesus, only to see them fall away from their relationship with Jesus for one reason or another. In the beginning of my ministry, many years ago, this brought me great distress and heartache. Then, as the Holy Spirit began to teach me, I learned that their stories were not over! Years down the road I would find them again with a restored relationship with Jesus Christ!

Recently at the OroNaz Youth Group, great things have been happening! God has been moving in the hearts of the youth. We recently completed a three-part mini-series on one verse in the Bible: Matthew 8:34 which says: “If you are my disciples, you will deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” Each week we looked deeply into those three steps to become a disciple of Christ.

Step One: Deny yourself: your flesh, temptations, and anything that would take you away from God.

Step Two: Take up your cross. Taking up your cross is following in the footsteps of Jesus. This means you will lose people in your life that are a bad influence.

Step Three: Follow Jesus.

As we completed step three, a God inspired idea came forth. I gave an altar call to ask them if they wanted to come to the decision to follow Jesus. As they came forward to make the commitment to follow Jesus, a cross necklace was placed upon each of their necks to wear as a symbol of their faith.

What great joy as student after student (approximately 30) came forward to make their commitment to Christ!

So if you see a young person at church wearing a cross necklace, they are ALL in! They have chosen to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Jesus!