God used me to help comfort others as I helped them to evacuate on Sunday afternoon during the mandatory evacuation of Oroville. I received the evacuation notification on my phone. Soon after that, I received a panicked call from a mom stuck at work without a car. Her family was at home with no way out of the area. It’s strange how hearing someone else’s panic gets your own emotions stirred up. I jumped in my car and drove to pick up the family first. The young boy was frantic, shaking and in tears. God moved me to pray with him and comfort him that we were going to be ok. God knows where we are and what we need. He will protect us.

We then went to get the Mom who also was quite upset. Her emotional response started to panic the young boy again. I found that panic is very contagious. I prayed to myself for strength and wisdom to calm my passengers, as well as myself. I then began to pray out loud, reaching back and holding the hands of those with me.

We still had to go back to my house to get my bag. I had left without it to get help for this family as soon as possible. (Hind sight, I should have taken it with me.) Traffic was of course crazy. I live in Thermalito, and we only had one on ramp to join the already crowded bumper to bumper traffic. Again, I prayed and spoke of God knowing where we were and that He knows our needs.

We sat there, waiting, only moving inches at a time, if that. People were getting out of their cars, and a few fender benders were caused by people panicking. I prayed for them as well. We’re waiting for our time to even get on the already crowed freeway. I continued to pray giving God the glory for how he was going to help us in our situation. Then we saw a highway patrolman blocking the Nelson/Grand Ave off ramp. This was in our full view and we were curious of what their plan was. We then saw a second Highway Patrolman line up side by side with the first patrol car. (We were only a few cars back from where this line was started) An officer got out and directed traffic to turn and go up the southbound freeway exit heading North with lights and sirens from our two Patrol Cars leading the way. God was our glorious Shephard who guided us out of what seemed impossible. This kind of stuff only happens on TV in the movies, but God led us out in all His glory.

We all praised God for answering our prayers. I believed He used me in trusting Him to be a comfort for others.

This is my Good News evacuation story.


By Shelly Jaster

Follower of Christ