His Will For Me: When God Calls

Do I believe that Almighty God is the Source of my will? God not only expects me to do His will, but He is in me to do it.

“We are apt to think that everything that happens to us is to be turned into useful teaching; it is to be turned into something better than teaching, viz. into character. We shall find that the spheres God brings us into are not meant to teach us something but to make us something.” The Love of God—The Ministry of the Unnoticed, 664 L

This is my story. My path in following God’s will for me. We moved out west, to this little town we had never heard of. We lived our whole married life in Minnesota, where my husband grew up. But my parents chose Oroville to retire in, with their friends. And shortly after moving here they had made the decision to follow Jesus! Only 10% of born again Christians, chose to follow Christ after age 60, and my parents were among the 10%. I had prayed faithfully for my parents to come to faith for so many years, and when I found out they had given their lives to Christ, I had this immediate desire to be present. And I began to pray…not my will, but Yours O God! Would You send us out west?

I had given my life to Christ, and I only wanted to go if he was in it. I knew if we were going to make this kind of change, it would take His will for us, not my own. After lots of prayer and time for the Lord to show my husband that this is His will for us, and after throwing out a fleece, and patiently surrendering this decision to Almighty God, we eventually found ourselves residents of Oroville California!

When God calls, it’s both scary and extraordinary! He didn’t leave us questioning our decision….even when our house didn’t sell, and Mikes job fell through, even though our kids hated it, and we faced one challenge after another! Still, we knew we were in the center of His will, and there is no better place to be.

We tried many churches in Oroville, but OroNaz was clearly the church family that God was calling us to. As soon as we experienced the Worship service, we knew this was home. But it was the people who won us over. There was authentic community.

The families that first welcomed us, inviting us into their homes, allowing us to be part of the church family, they are still here. Some have gone home to glory, a few have left for various reasons, but most of them are still here. The core of those at OroNaz believe that Almighty God is the source of our will. That God not only expects us to do His will, but He is in us to do it. That is why we have not allowed disappointments, disagreements, ethical failures or disasters to cause us to leave. We stay because God doesn’t stop working when men and women fail, and things don’t go our way. He uses these things to create this beautiful mosaic. But only when we offer up our brokenness. Only when we surrender ourselves and place it all in His hands.

God isn’t finished with OroNaz, and I believe He is preparing us for a new season, a new harvest, I believe He is preparing this family to be ready and willing.

It’s not about strategy, strategy is good, but our plans aren’t always his. It’s not about work, work is good, but not if its work done in the flesh. It’s not about size, big is good, but more people don’t make us more effective. It’s not about being relevant, relevancy is good, but not if it dilutes the truth!

There are three ingredients to being positioned to receive what God has for us, and that is, living by faith, holding out hope and walking in love! That is our Ethos! And it’s why OroNaz has always been and will continue to be a missional church! 

We can’t “change the community of Oroville One Life at A Time” in our own efforts. We all know that it will only happen if we are allowing Him to do it through us! And He will, and He is! 

I continue to choose OroNaz, because God is not finished yet!

And I can’t wait to see what is next!

Shane Heldman