Little girls want to know that they are loved by their daddy’s. And every little girl wants to know that they are loved and valued. Little girls like Ava Grace, who came to Ties & Tiaras with her grandpa, because she lost her daddy to a heart attack two years ago. Little girls like Annalyse or Taylor, who both have a daddy, but also have two sisters and a brother to share him with. Like Shayla, who has a daddy who is currently in Jordon Crossing, learning how to be the daddy she has always dreamed of while battling addiction.

These families all have one thing in common, they are raising little girls. And the struggle is real, because the world will whisper lies to these little girls throughout their life.

But that night their daddy’s and daddy figures whispered absolute truth to them as they gathered them in their arms to dance, dine, pledge their love and show them how real men treat a lady.

Dave Scruby and his daughters shared some of their daddy daughter experiences and it was inspiring for fathers to hear their testimonies.

It was beautiful!

Little boys want us to know that they are strong, that they are fast, that they are fearless and they are heroes. Mommies rarely get the time to have a marshmallow gun fight with the little men in their lives. While they were on their mother son Super Hero Date Night, they got to spend quality time together, making their marshmallow guns, testing their strength on the Super Hero Strengths Test, showing their mamas how strong they are.

They learned that a real hero tells the truth, helps others, especially those who are weaker than others and most importantly depends on God for strength and integrity.

We shared some valuable things to remember while raising men, like:

  1. Always consider him as a young man in the making.
  2. Teach him to reach for the heights, but have a heart for the lowly.
  3. Teach him to reach for the heights, but have a heart for the lowly.
  4. Don’t pick him up if he falls. Stand by him until he gets back up.
  5. Direct him toward daddy or another godly man to be his hero.
  6. Leave no doubt you’re his biggest fan.

Raising little boys to become men is difficult in our world today, but these mamas made time to deposit truth to the little men in their lives and our prayer is that it will be a treasured memory for all of them.


These events take time, effort and resources, but as a church, I can’t think of a better way to investment in our future!

Pastor Shane Heldman