Sunday Morning Worship

It’s All About the Gaps

I will start from the middle and then back up to the beginning of a typical Sunday. Coming off the stage after the first service time of worship gives the team a chance to decompress, regroup, debrief, and pray. It’s in the praying, you know, before and after a service that the real work is done. You see, this amazing group of volunteers get to church by 7:15-7:30, when most of our congregation is turning on the coffee pot for Sunday morning breakfast.
We, “The Band & Tech Crew” tune instruments, make sure the sound system saved our settings, get the projector going & pray all three will work, turn on the lighting system, grab water and get down to business. We sound check, rehearse that day’s set list, make any changes necessary to the music, media lyrics, timing and transitions, and break about 8:40 to regroup and pray-a gap of about 20 minutes. Before you know it Kenn, or Kurt start the announcements and we go back out on stage.
It is in the gap, the time before and after stage work, that personal work, God work is done.
A few weeks ago, one of our members came Sunday morning pretty low emotionally. Fighting hard against an enemy who brings out our most self-incriminating thoughts on Sunday morning, this member was able to share the need of shame, doubt and perceived worthlessness. We gathered, held hands, prayed and encouraged by declaring our own needs to each other and to Christ in prayer.
In worship something amazing happened.
In worship God showed up.
In worship this person’s life was redeemed and the enemy left empty handed.
And the second gap, the time after worship . . . . we gathered again in the “Green Room” and celebrated by bowing our heads and giving thanks to the Giver of gifts, our Healer, our Savior, our Lord.
And I was reminded that each Sunday, these amazing worship leaders, these wonderful volunteers, come because they love Jesus, they love this church, and they love worship. They give up time with their families, they give up sleeping in, going to brunch and other demands on their lives to come and experience these gaps where God shows up. He shows up in our lives, in the congregation, and in this wonderful place called CHURCH.

And I am grateful.

Jan Holly – Worship Leader