Most people have heard of the Hope Center, and the food bank, not everyone has heard the story of the beginning of this ministry. This is not that story. Although the humble beginnings needs to be shared to understand the dynamics of what has transpired. What started out as a simple act (and not so simple act) of obedience from the prompting of the Holy Spirit, has exploded in the most amazing way.

A simple sack lunch given to a homeless man 10 years ago, has grown into 1,599 bags and boxes of food given out in our local community for the first quarter of 2017. Now understand, this is not the amount of meals served to those in need. This is the amount of food boxes we have been able to give lower income families, the elderly that are on fixed incomes, families in general that have momentarily hit a hard time.

Through the green bags program, A Simple Gesture and donations from various companies we have essentially become a distribution center as well. We redistribute donated food to 45 other agencies in Northern California. Oroville has become a hub of sorts. We have been able to share our vast wealth of generosity to the entire northern region.

Melissa Serekilevu