Janet’s Choice

Praise Report from Janet Neimeyer

Janet got home on August 3, Thursday last week. Praise God!!!! We danced just a little… it was the slowest song I could find. To see a video of them dancing click here.

She had a great three-week stay at Enloe rehab center, including about a half hour to 45 minutes twice daily each of physical, occupational and speech therapy. I can’t say enough about how fantastic Enloe rehab center is. It’s like Elysium, the space ship from the movie. A quiet, clean, cheery, spacious place, almost too good to be true. I can’t believe we got in there without being millionaires and not having to fight tooth and nail with the insurance company. Fantastic staff all around; Mark in speech, Hillary in occupational, and Kayla in physical all stand out in our memory, but every staff member there from the housekeeping or CNA’s to administration, admittance and even case managers treated Janet with ultimate respect and pushed her to the limits, sometimes beyond…

Janet’s using a cane getting around the house now and could almost graduate from that but we’re playing it safe. Considering what she’s come from it’s a miracle for her to be at this stage, only 2 1/2 months since a massive stroke. She has in-home therapy from Enloe coming in, all 3 disciplines, twice a week for the next 3 weeks. Then back to Enloe for outpatient.

I’m running around helping her, playing Nurse Diesel, Julia Child and Stanley Spadowski all in one. Fun fun! I’m also installing grab bars in the bathroom and handrails at the front porch steps. We’ll be having ladies from our church come in to spend time with Janet so I can get to the sports club, ride bike, etc. for a break once in a while.

Pray for Janet’s continued recovery of her right side, speech and emotional well-being. Pray that I can find nice, encouraging ways to help her do her therapy homework. I need a lot of wisdom there.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers and support!

Dave Neimeyer