Journey Heads to Summer Camps!

Summer camps are entirely tiring, yet i look forward to them every year. This year i also directed Jr. High Camp and in a way Co-Directed Sr. High Camp. What an amazing blessing to be a part of a time in a student’s life where their whole focus, if lead properly, can be given to the Holy Spirits work in their life. To have the ability to be a vessel used by God in a way that directs young people into personal reflection and for some a relationship my Savior Jesus.

This year as we settled into Jr. High Camp we had an amazing time of prayer as a camp staff and volunteer group. Before each camp, the counselors and program staff gather for training and instruction for what the week holds. On this night following our training and assignments, we gathered for prayer. We prayed over our Speaker, then over the Worship Team and finally, we prayed over each other. Each of us coming to camp to serve but also carrying our own hurts, fears, and struggles; i didn’t want to ignore that giving those things a foothold on our ability to serve.

Wow, what a powerful time. Jesus brought that group closer than any camp staff i have ever seen or been a part of, it was incredible.

Folks shared hurts and pains and struggles, and then each of us was able to speak into each other hope and life and love. It allowed us to connect in such a way that gave us each empathy and a desire to pray for each other. Our Speaker used it to speak into the lives of our staff as well as the students, and the Spirit of God was faithful.

It was so good that we did it again the next week during our High School Camp pre-meeting and to God’s glory folks that participated in both weeks talked about breakthrough, freedom, grace, mercy, and love. Others there for the first time heard stories of reconciliation, hope, and faithfulness which stirred their spirits. God worked amazingly yet again in the lives of both the students and staff and Sr. High Camp. To His glory, i look forward yet again to summer camps!

simply enjoying

coffee with Jesus,


Pastor cj williamson