Children’s Ministry

Kids and Big Kids Camp

Written by: Shane Heldman

Some of my favorite quotes from Camp this year:

“I have been baptized twice, and I thought I was a Christian, but I just got saved last night. First time I felt the Holy Spirit!” A Camper

“We have to send a Jr Program Staff up to retrieve a child from the Rock Wall, because she defies gravity.” Jesse Englund

At pick up a parent says, “Didn’t you miss us?” “No, I want to stay at camp!” A Camper

When a Counselor who was being buried with ice cream, marshmallows and gram cracker crumbs is asked, “How can you stand that?” He replies, “I just go to my happy place!” A Counselor

After the 10th child throws up, the medic says, “I quit!,” Nurse Bud

“I can’t take my meds unless I have Coke!” A Camper

“Kids Camp is the Super Bowl of Children’s Ministries,” Pastor Shane

50 kids lined up at the altar to receive Christ, many commitments to live holy lives, friendships made, kids and youth playing together, worshiping and moving to the beat of the Holy Spirit, who was working in ways that can not be measured – Bible Camp is the best deposit we can make in these kids lives.

Thank you for serving, praying, giving financially and for being a church that gets it!