Mission Field: Papua New Guinea

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital – Kid’s Activity Packs

Dr. Erin Meier

The cute kid below is David.  David was playing with his older siblings and fell and broke his femur (the big bone in our leg).  The way we mostly treat these kids is to put them in skin traction (put strong tape on their leg with a weight attached to it to keep the bones in place) and have them lay in bed until it heals.  For some kids it heals in 1 month for others somewhere between 1 and 2.  What do you do when you are a 3 yo, stuck in a bed in the hospital for 4-8 weeks with your mom?

When I saw him each day, he was all smiles, but I know there was some whining and crying happening when I wasn’t around, hard to blame him, he wants to be out running and playing and we have strapped him in.  As you can see, David wasn’t the most compliant kid – standing up in bed when his mom went away, but with that smile, what can you say?

Initially, I had David doing puzzles that Don made, and each day would ask him how many he did and challenge him to do some more the next day.  We would talk about Noah’s Ark, the picture on the wall above his head, and go over the names of animals many days. For some reason he didn’t really know what a hippopotamus was, he couldn’t identify the pig either, but he knew the lion and was pretty cute each time trying it.  One day, I was in our Storeroom looking for something and remembered that we had some Children’s Activity Packets in there.  So I counted up the kids on the ward who would enjoy having something to do and went and distributed them.  There were many big smiles that day.

Would you like to help kids stay busy while in the Hospital?

How to make an Activity Pack for Kids:

Large 2 gallon ziplock bag
Coloring Book
Box of 12 or 24 crayons
Writing Notebook
Small stuffed animal
1 or 2 hotwheel cars
Small ball
Pen/Pencil (Sharpener if pencil)
other (up to you)