We are aware that there have been cases of measles confirmed in Butte County. OroNaz has not been an exposure point, but we recognize that immune-compromised individuals and families with young children may be avoiding public places due to the risk of exposure. If you plan to stay home, here is a list of online resources so you can still participate with us from home:

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Measles in Butte County

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As of April 12, 2019, there are 6 confirmed cases in Butte County.
There is 1 confirmed case from Tehama County and 3 confirmed cases in Placer County.

View public measles exposure locations for Shasta County and Tehama County.
Butte County Public Health continues to investigate confirmed cases of measles in Butte County. We are working closely with the State Health Department, neighboring county health departments, and local health care providers to limit further spread of the measles.
At this time, there are two locations in Chico identified as locations for public exposure to measles. Public Health and Enloe Medical Center staff will contact people who are believed to have been in these locations during the exposure time-frame. If you have not been contacted and believe you may have been exposed, you can call (530) 552-3929 to speak with Public Health staff.

The following locations have been identified as a possible location for public exposure in Chico and Oroville:

The locations lined through are past the symptom date. If you were in those places and you have NOT become symptomatic, you should be in the clear.

Measles Resources: