Welcome to Women Alive

“Change can be thrilling and, when you stop to think about it, we’re all in a constant state of flux: learning, healing, growing and becoming the women of faith God intended and needs us to be.

But…there is one constant in our lives – and that would be Jesus.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and He has a glorious plan to help us achieve our divine potential and do all those miraculous good works He equipped and ordained us to do.

Women Alive, here at OroNaz, will look pretty much the same this year as it has in the past.  There will be Bible studies to attend…an all-day retreat at Mt. Hope to enjoy…Girl’s Night Out events and all sorts of opportunities for you to connect with other women, learn more about Jesus and grow.

We hope you will join us whenever you can.  Jesus has great plans.  And besides…we need each other.

Love in Christ,

Patty Clark

Statement of Faith

I believe in God our Father, I believe in Christ the Son

I believe in the Holy Spirit, Our God is three in one

I believe in the resurrection, That we shall rise again

For I believe in the name of Jesus




Our Team

Patty Clark, Jennie Bishop, Cathi Daly, Melissa Hill, Vicki Price, Donna Hottinger, Pat Smith, Cynthia Strickland, Jackie Viera

Contact:  530-533-7464 ext. 215 or www.oronaz.org


Summer Morning Bible Studies
Evening Bible Studies return in the Fall


Control Girl

Little fights with your husband or kids.  Unhappiness when things don’t match your version of perfect.  Tension, anger, fear, anxiety.  It all begins with a heart that craves control.  When your perspective of how life should go replaces God’s, you doom your quest for security, peace, and joy before it even starts.  Thankfully, there is a better way.

Join Shannon, in her book, as she shares what she has discovered about her own control struggles and about God from studying seven Control Girls in the bible.  Learn how you too can lay down ths burden of trying to control everything and find rest in surrendering to the One who truly is in control.

Facilitated by Pat Smith and Cynthia Strickland

Please register in the bookstore or online here

You may purchase your book in the bookstore or online here

Date:  Tuesday Mornings – July 10th     Time: 10:00 – Noon     Place:  Fellowship Hall     Cost:  $12.15        Childcare Available


NBF – Naz Bible Fellowship

Eight Week Study in the book of Nehemiah

Childcare available am only

More information to follow

Special Events You Can Look Forward To


Please join us as Kelly Yam speaks on our invitation from Christ to spend one on one time with Him in prayer.

Date:  June 23, 2018     Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm     Place: Fellowship Hall

Childcare Available





We hope you can join us for a fun night of fellowship as we make pallet signs, enjoy a delicious taco bar and hear from our special speaker, Angie.


Hi! My name is Angie Merino.  My husband, (and all time favorite person), Jason and I are Oroville natives raising our family and giving our lives away in this community.  I’m so excited to share with you my journey in finding my place in God’s plan for creation at large and the struggle so many of us share to live up to our own expectations and the perceived expectations of others.  Come and hear how God wants you to walk with Him in HIS grace as you extend grace to others and yourself.

Childcare Available


Sew Much Ministry

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said….”It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Acts 20:35

Whether you sew, knit, quilt or crochet, or would like to learn, the Sew Much Ministry here at OroNaz is a creative way of fellowshipping and reaching out to our community to make a difference in the lives of others.  We enjoy giving our quilts and other projects away; sometimes near and sometimes far away.  This ministry can benefit a variety of individuals or groups like foster children, hospital patients, the homeless, crisis centers and international missions.  This is only a small example of how and where we can minister.

Our monthly meetings are a combination of encouragement, discussions and sharing.  We are self-funded through donations and the gifting of fabric.  We have been blessed.  We are looking forward to 2018.  Every year looks different for we wait on God to direct us in the direction of His need.

We are always looking to expand our ministry and share the joy of serving with new members.  Interested in quilting, serving or making new friends?  We meet the last Thursday of each month from January through September.  Should you decide to join us, please bring an item to supplement our salad bar luncheon which we share together at the end of our meeting.

For more information or questions callCynthia at 530-589-2335  or call/text Pat  at 530-680-9805

“We don’t have to do great things to make a difference.  We can make a great difference by doing small things graciously”

quote from “To Be Where You Are” by Jan Karon

Date:  Last Thursday of the Month     Time: 9:00 – Noon     Place: Fellowhship Hall

Dress the Girl Around the World - Haiti 2016