Mrs Z

One of Geri’s “favorite” terms in our young married life was the moniker of ‘working mom’. We had made the commitment early on in our marriage to live with less so she could be a ‘stay at home mom’. (We recognize that things are different these days). She used to rankle at the term ‘working mom’ because she would say to me “I wonder what they think I do all day?” I came to learn over time that it was not a real question to be answered…;)

The truth of the matter was that her selfless and caring spirit in the ‘raising the kids department’ came under attack daily…both from inside and outside the home. Nevertheless she carefully and lovingly persisted in making the home ‘work’ for all of us. So many women ‘back in the day’ did equal love duty for their families and have earned the honor due them on Mother’s Day every year. While the complexities of 21st century living has changed the way motherhood may look currently…it hasn’t changed the way it feels to moms!

It reminds me of the story of Mrs. Z in Luke’s gospel. You remember her of course as the unnamed catalyst of Luke’s story in chapter 19…

It seems that her husband Zacchaeus had another one of his hair brained ideas. He decided that he just had to go see this Jesus that everyone was talking about. Being a short guy he climbed a tree to get a good look as Jesus came through his city of Jericho. He was a much despised and maligned tax collector and might have been trying to stay out of harm’s way as well! Whatever the reason Jesus noticed him and invited himself over to he and Mrs. Z’s home that very day. A crowd followed them and the buffet at the Café Z was on. What followed could only be described as life-changing.

Why do I mention this? Well Mrs. Z no doubt facilitated the hospitality that ensued with their arrival. Probably caught unaware that they were coming (no frantic heads up text was forthcoming) she no doubt rushed around to make the environment in the home suitable for such an honored guest as the Rabbi from Galilee.

We don’t have a clue about her name, or her status or her pedigree… but you see, that’s what mom’s of all stripes do.  They use their selfless and caring maternal energies to make the world around them better, more often than not without much fanfare.

Mom…my prayer for you this special day is that you may know in the deepest place of your heart how noticed and seen and valued you are by Jesus and by your church.

Happy Mother’s Day dear ones…

Pastor D