Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-racking. But having an idea of what to expect can help. There are three main parts to every Sunday service: preaching, worship, and kids. Hopefully the info below will help you out.

What to Expect

Join us for one service at 10am. We offer classes for our children during the service Nursery through 6th grade. We have an adult Sunday School time at 9am.


When you get here on Sunday, feel free to park in any spot. There are some well marked handicap spots up front, should you need it. As you come through the front or side doors, there will be someone to greet you and hand you a Welcome Folder with info about current events with a note sheet for the sermon. In the courtyard out front we have free coffee with condiments available.


If you have kids sixth grade and younger, head down the hallway on the left to check in your kids. We have a huge ministry for kids here. No matter what age, we’re always doing fun things while learning about God! Each kid will be given a number that is displayed in the sanctuary if they need you to return for any reason. For the safety of your kids, all of our child care volunteers are LiveScan checked. Also, you are given a slip to pick them up to ensure that they are not released to anyone else. For more info, check out the NazKids page.


The worship atmosphere is all about Jesus. On any given Sunday, you will be led to sing, pray and glorify Him. We do this with songs that were written this year and some that are hundreds of years old. We typically dim the lights so that you will not be distracted by those around you and to help you focus on God. The music is loud so that you can sing without being self-conscious of those around you. We create the environment and invite you to join in!


We teach in series that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The sermons are always based on scripture and aim to encourage and challenge you. There is usually a fill-in-the-blank note sheet in the Welcome Folder to help you follow along. And we project the scriptures onto the screen in case you don’t have a Bible. The sermons usually last about 40 minutes. To listen to some past sermons, you can listen online here.