Good News from the OroNaz Youth Group

As a youth pastor, it is difficult and at times heart-breaking to deal with young people that have been attending youth group, making great strides with Jesus, only to see them fall away from their relationship with Jesus for one reason or another. In the beginning of my ministry, many years ago, this brought me…

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Steve and Debbie Scott

Dear Friends & Family of the Sacramento District,
Many of you are aware of the cancer journey that Debbie Scott has been on since her diagnosis on March 13, 2018. Since then Debbie has undergone 7 weeks of radiation treatments (5 days/week) and 2 weeks of chemotherapy (24 hrs/day). Prior to treatments, she was fitted with a colostomy which she is wearing to this day. After 6 months on this journey, we are grateful to share the following update with you:

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Serenity Chili Cook-Off 2018

This year’s event was probably one of our best chili cook-offs yet! The contestants were local recovery houses and organizations in our community. I’d like to thank all who participated: Tri County Treatment, Elijah House, Freedom House, DAXIT, Oroville Rescue Mission, Braxton’s Boys and Serenity Chico.
This year winners were Serenity Chico, Tri Counties Treatment and Elijah House.
I’d also like to thank all those who volunteered to help make this our biggest event of the year. Our Serenity Leadership Team managed things, but we had help from all the recovery houses. Tim Moon did the music again this year and Tommy P stepped up on the drums to help out with…

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Easter Offering Water Well Update

Our church raised over $10,000 in Easter offering for this project!
Thank you OroNaz!
Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow! God has blessed us with the ability to help others…others are so blessed to receive this wonderful gift!
Instead of walking hours every day to get water, they now have it available in their own community!

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Kudjip Nazarene Hospital – Kid’s Activity Packs

The cute kid below is David.  David was playing with his older siblings and fell and broke his femur (the big bone in our leg).  The way we mostly treat these kids is to put them in skin traction (put strong tape on their leg with a weight attached to it to keep the bones in place) and have them lay in bed until it heals.  For some kids it heals in 1 month for others somewhere between 1 and 2.  What do you do when you are a 3 yo, stuck in a bed in the hospital for 4-8 weeks with your mom?  
When I saw him each day, he was all smiles

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Cornerstone Fall Update

Summer in Oroville is winding down and we will begin to shift our focus toward the Fall. Our Summer wind up in Cornerstone is our annual Pie Fest that will take place this Sunday evening beginning at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary. This is our last big event before our Thanksgiving Dinner in November.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still do it this Sunday by filling out the insert in the Welcome Folder and putting it in the offering bag, or you can email Sally Miller

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God’s Presence in the Waiting

“I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope. I wait for the Lord, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” Psalm 130:5

Our younger child, Marlo, two and a half, with giant blue eyes and an increasing number of freckles on her nose and cheeks. She’s clever and sweet, and also the mischief-maker-in-chief at our house. But until she turned two, she was nearly silent…

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OroNaz Childrens Co-op

We are about to begin our fourth year offering this Parent Co Op, and I am humbled by the way the Lord has provided. He has lavished us with His provision. And He as brought young families to the table. I refer to the table as the place where Christians do life together. It’s where community takes place. The kitchen table is the most intimate place for families to re-connect. It’s at the dinner table where stories are shared, laughter fills a home and kids feel safe enough to share life’s burdens and joys.

When the Co Op begins…

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A Personal Story of Redemption

I’m Teri Carter, and I want to share my Good News with you!
Many of you might know me, but if you don’t, I’m 33 years old, and the younger daughter of Jerry and Susie Kruse. I have had a lot of challenges in my life, but the largest one has been my mental illness. I’ve suffered from bipolar disorder since the age of 10. Part of what happens with bipolar disorder is that it distorts your reality and perceptions of your…

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Serenity Dinner and Birthdays

Wednesday, July 25th, was birthday night at Serenity Group. We had an amazing dinner/birthday night celebration at Serenity this month. Usually we give away a lot of birthday chips in the thirty, sixty and ninety day category. As usual this was the case this month. The big surprise was that we gave away…

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Kids and Big Kids Camp

Some of my favorite quotes from Camp this year:
“I have been baptized twice, and I thought I was a Christian, but I just got saved last night. First time I felt the Holy Spirit!” A Camper
“We have to send a Jr Program Staff up to retrieve a child from the Rock Wall, because she defies gravity.” Jesse Englund
At pick up a parent says, “Didn’t you miss us?” “No, I want to stay at camp!” A Camper…

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Girls Night Out

Tacos, crafts, and women building a sisterhood: what could be better? This Girls Night Out was a wonderful night of fellowship with one another. Angie Merino’s message touched hearts as she shared from her own heart. We had ladies that came with their spirits on empty that left refreshed and refilled with the love of God and each other. Women who seem to never get a break from…

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Youth Camp

Youth camps this year were awesome, like always! God moves in the lives of our students every year, and it is a joy to see and experience along with them. Here are a couple testimonies from this year:

Andrew Fitzpatrick – “I’ve been a Christian all my life…

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Serenity Birthday Chips!!

Wednesday, June 29th, was birthday night at Serenity Group. It was our privilege to give Pat and Albert Lanegan their 11 year birthday chip!!

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Faith Talk: Prayer

What a relaxing and blessed day we shared Saturday at our Faith Talk as Kelly Yam encouraged, inspired, and challenged us as she taught and shared her own personal journey in prayer. She gave us deeper insights into the meaning and value of prayer in our lives.

We had an experiential, interactive…

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Cornerstone Ice Cream Social

It was a night to remember! Over a hundred people from the Cornerstone Group gathered last Sunday night to kick off the summer with an ice cream social. The ice cream was scooped, and the cookies and cakes and brownies were served. It was a sugar free for all. And – we all partook with no remorse!

Pastor Ed challenged everyone to…

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Co-op Blessings

We just wrapped up our third year of our OroNaz Children’s Center Co Op. I interviewed 4 parents to find out what their experiences have been, and this is what they had to say about their involvement in the Co Op:

What are the top three reasons you guys joined the Co Op?
A co-op was something I always had on my heart. I even tried to start my own when my oldest was a pre-schooler. But babies. When Shane shared her vision I was excited to help and be a part of it. We needed community and honestly, I needed a break.

Reason 1: So the kids could play with other kids on a regular basis. Reason 2…

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It’s All About the Gaps

I will start from the middle and then back up to the beginning of a typical Sunday. Coming off the stage after the first service time of worship gives the team a chance to decompress, regroup, debrief, and pray. It’s in the praying, you know, before and after a service that the real work is done. You see, this amazing group of volunteers get to church by 7:15-7:30, when most of our congregation is turning on the coffee pot for…

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Hope at Mt. Hope

Last month Women Alive hosted over 50 ladies for a time of worship, teaching, and quiet time with God at the absolutely beautiful Mount Hope. We enjoyed delicious food, SO much laughter, and basked in the exquisite mountain serenity as we dove deeper in love with Jesus. God showed up and blew us away!
This year we did something a little different and planned our own retreat led by Vicky Price from start to finish leaning solely on what God laid on our hearts as a planning committee. Our theme was “Taste & See that the Lord is Good” based on Psalm 34 and boy did we taste some sweet fellowship!

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