Heavenly Father you knew before I was in my mother’s womb and I have known you before I took my first breath and I can never count the many blessings you have bestowed on me and my family.

I haven’t always been faithful and true to you and I have broke more than my fair share of your commandments yet you continued to walk with me and shower me with numerous blessings. You continued to let me know how much you love me.

Then, 2 years ago this March, you sent me to OroNaz, you wrapped your arms around and welcomed me home and to my amazement and disbelief most every member here has done the same. Since joining my new family here at OroNaz as you know my body, already very painful for at least 40 years, got worse. The more I did to be a part of my new family, the more my body was attacked, yet you have held me up, gave me strength, warmth, peace and love.

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“That’s what baptism into the life of Jesus means. When we are lowered into the water, it is like the burial of Jesus; when we are raised up out of the water, it is like the resurrection of Jesus. Each of us is raised into a light-filled world by our Father so that we can see where we’re going in our new grace-sovereign country.” Romans 6:3-5 Message

Check out the pictures of those who were baptized last Sunday. “The angels in heaven are rejoicing.” Take a minute to reflect on your baptism and give a praise offering to God for those who obediently followed our Lord’s example to be “buried with Christ, and walk in a newness of life.”

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The Church is built on the service and dedication of the many people who volunteer to help lead and run the many ministries that happen each week. Without the commitment and responsibility that so many bring to their ministry, the work of the local church within the walls of the building as well as beyond the walls into the local community and around the world, would not be what we have and experience here. For all who are part of this great movement of God called OroNaz, for the countless hours of ministry that you do, we applaud you, and thank you.

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Hi, my name is Brien Hatch. I grew up in an Irish-Catholic home and knew ABOUT God…that Jesus was “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”, but I did not know Jesus as MY Savior and Lord until I was sixteen years old.

It was during the summer of 1976 that my life would change drastically. Our country was celebrating 200 years as a nation. My older brother, Skip, went to Philadelphia to play his trombone in the John F. Kennedy High School Marching Band (as an alumni). My parents and grandparents decided to fly to Philadelphia to watch Skip play in the parades and join in on the Bicentennial Celebrations. My younger sisters, Ellen and Donna, were to stay with relatives in the Bay Area. I would be home alone to take care of the house and the many animals in my charge.

Dad owned a 1947 vintage 4 passenger airplane (Stinson Voyager, tail dragger) that he named “Bear Bit”…because the previous owner had it parked at the small airport in Dunsmuir, CA ,where a bear decided to chew on the tail section! They took off in late June, 1976, and made their first stop in Ogden, Utah to fuel up. Shortly after take-off, the control tower lost radio contact with my dad. They all died in the crash, but the plane wreckage was not located for about a month [due to the rocky, forested terrain] ‘until it was spotted by some hikers.

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Cornerstone Ministries launched into 2017 with our annual New Year’s Breakfast on Friday, January 13th. We were treated to a killer breakfast (literally if one ate too much) by David Mills, who serves as our volunteer Cornerstone meal’s chef. He has done this for a number of years now, and he uses his talent to make our gatherings extra special. The women from Second Step Ministries came and filled the role of servers with a smile. We really appreciate their ministry to us, and they help clean the kitchen as well.

“AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” is Cornerstone Ministries’ theme for 2017. Sally Miller provided each guest with a beautifully designed tent card that had an inspirational quote on it highlighting this theme.

Our special speaker was Harold McCoy. Harold retired last June after 30+ years as a History teacher at Palermo School. He was enjoying this new season in his life when he was invited to return and teach the second semester. So, he has, because he still has a lot to offer. He is a very gifted communicator. Harold began his breakfast message to us by telling about the World Series in 1989 between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics at Candlestick Park. A 6.5 earthquake hit and not only disrupted and ended the game, but it left much of the area devastated.

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The minute you walked in the door you could sense that the first “Girls Night Out” was “of” the Lord. You know how it is when your spirit is certain that God’s Spirit is on the move and about to do something special.

The Fellowship Hall was warm and cozy…tables had been set up and decorated. There was an assortment of all sorts of homemade goodies for us to eat. Yahoo! at 6:15 we started wondering…Would anyone show up? Would the ladies that did show up enjoy themselves and be blessed? Would this experimental event be a flop, or a success?

Then all of a sudden, the women started trickling in and, low and behold, they were Smiling!

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The word ADVENT means “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.” For four weeks leading up to Christmas Day we celebrated the coming of the Messiah through song, lighting of candles, readings, messages and special events. Take some time to see great pictures looking back on the season of Advent 2016. Many great memories were created. As we move into the New Year, let’s keep what we experienced during Advent in our hearts, and like Mary, “treasure up all these things and ponder them in our heart.” Luke 2:19

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A week before Christmas we received a visit from two dear friends of OroNaz, Pastor Micael Augustin and Kesner Absolu from Haiti. As they visited with people, saw sights in Northern California, and spent time learning about us, we had a chance to get to know them even better. It was a fantastic trip.
They brought us a greeting on Sunday morning, December 18th during both the 9 and 11 am services. We in turn, through your generous giving to C3, we were able to give Pastor Micael a $1000 deputation check from Steve Sabastian, our own Nazarene Missions International President. Pastor Micael plans to use the funds for seating in his sanctuary. Pastor Micael not only pastors a church in Mare Sustin, Haiti, but he is also the District Superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene in the LaGonave District of Haiti, where he has 42 active churches.

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An Invitation to Join the Family

When Julia and Merl O’Brien were trying to decide whether to attend a membership class they talked to a few others that were active in the church. The O’Brien’s heard some say that they had been coming for years and had not gotten around to becoming members, that there was little advantage to membership other than voting in elections but then others who were long time members. It came down to their feeling that they wanted to take some ownership in OroNaz. The O’Brien’s had been looking for the right church for awhile before being led to OroNaz. The O’Brien’s said, “now that we found it; just like we are ‘ALL IN’ following Jesus, we wanted to be ‘ALL IN’ as members of the church.”

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A Busy Place

If you drove past OroNaz this past Wednesday morning, you would have been wondering what was going on? The parking lot was full; School Buses were coming and going all morning. Kids and their parents were everywhere. It was a busy place for the middle of the week, which is normally pretty quiet.

The OroNaz facility hosted two nearby schools that we adopted. This was the fifth year of the Naz hosted Helen Wilcox and Golden Hills Christmas Presentation. As we opened our doors and welcomed our neighbors in, the place was full and buzzing with anticipation.

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Marcia Whitehead In Concert

This past weekend we had the delightful opportunity to hear from a gifted singer, Marcia Whitehead. On Friday night, she did a presentation called “Wrappings”. It was a reverent retelling of the greatest love story the universe will ever know. The story of God’s love for us, so profound in its depth and passion that God set aside His own majesty, wrapped Himself in human flesh and entered the world through a young Hebrew woman named Mary.
Marcia returned Sunday morning to share her story. How that same loving God took her through a twenty-year journey to where she is now fulfilling her calling and passion to serve our God. It is a fantastic story.

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Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming at OroNaz has been a staple service for years. Sunday, November 27, we celebrated the 1st Sunday of Advent during the morning Worship Service and came back at 6pm to worship, singing carols, hang ornaments on the Christmas trees at church and acknowledge the official beginning of the Advent season. Upon entering the sanctuary, we found our multipurpose auditorium transformed into a place of wonder, with our beautifully lit stage emphasizing the Advent words – HOPE, LOVE, JOY and PEACE. Light always represents the presence of God. Our Advent wreath around the candles is one of light this year, emphasizing Christ coming into a dark world offering the hope of salvation.

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You may have noticed our Oro Naz parking lot filled every night of the week with cars. All day on Saturday, on the hour, every hour, people coming and going. Upward season 2017 is in full swing. With 500 kids in the league. We had our first game day and it was a success. Here is a great testimony of the impact Upward can have.

There is a family who has been part of Upward for the past eight years. They have four children, who are different ages, from preschool through middle school. Last week we had a Get-Connected lunch, and it was a great surprised to see the mom there with all of her children. After the lunch we talked, and I asked, “are you visiting or just checking us out to see if OroNaz is a good fit”. Her response was “yes!”

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Axiom Journey Thanksgiving

Journey Youth Ministry a time of fellowship, fun and food, dashed with hope Scrooge looked at the chained and pained ghost of old Jacob Marley his once associate and said, “But you were always a good man of business, Jacob.” Attempting to apply it also to himself....

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Cornerstone Thanksgiving

Cornerstone Ministry Last Friday evening, we had some 140 seniors gather in the sanctuary for our sixth-annual Cornerstone Thanksgiving Dinner.  Our theme for this year’s dinner was, “THE HEALING POWER OF GIVING THANKS.” The evening was designed to...

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Volunteer Spotlight 2016

We are so blessed here at OroNaz by the many people who are “All In” when it comes to serving in ministry here at the church and in our community. Words are not enough to convey our deep gratitude and respect for your faithfulness for His Glory. The following few stories capture the heart and passion of all of you who serve.  Our hope is that they will refresh and inspire your labors of love for the Kingdoms sake. Enjoy them, be inspried and know that you are loved…

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About 34 years ago I had a falling out with the Church & never went back, nor did I go to any other church on a regular basis. I would go to a church but if I didn’t get the feeling of warmth & love I wouldn’t go back. I did this a few times and finally just gave up trying to find another church I could call home until about a year and a half ago.

One morning in March of 2015 for some reason, only God knew, I was awake at 6:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up & went outside to work in our greenhouse. About 7 am I heard a voice that went through my body. “Go to church.” Read More.

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Good News I’ve been going to the Nazarene Church my whole life. My parents took me there almost every Sunday growing up. My dad has been going to the Naz since he was young. It’s safe to say that’s our home church. Unfortunately, now I can’t be there anymore. I’ve...

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Lighting Up The Night

HARVEST FESTIVAL Hundreds of families with kids visited OroNaz to find light in the night on October 31st.  We opened our doors to an enormous line of little spiderman and princess costumes, a community hungry for a place to belong and experience the joy we have to...

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Crisis Care Kits

Compassion The month of November has been set aside to collect the Crisis Care Kits (CCK’s). These bags of necessary items during a crisis are a “God-send!” Just suppose your house was burned down, or it was flooded during a hurricane…what would you do? Necessary...

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