Life can be challenging…and scary sometimes.


The Good News thought is – we’re never alone.  Jesus is with you…and everywhere all the time.  And there’s more…

When we believe in Jesus not only are you ushered back into the presence of your heavenly Father but, also, we become members of an extended forever family – brothers…sisters… men…women and children who love the Lord and you and me.  Yahoo!

Let me give you a personal example of why that’s so important.  My husband and I got introduced to the being-loved-by-the-family-of-God concept in some rather powerful and profoundly significant.  Steven, my hubby, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder 4 1/2 years ago.  After a multitude of hospital visits, near death experiences and hundreds of dialysis treatments – we have both experienced the miraculous love of Jesus pouring into our lives in hundreds of different ways via His extraordinary and loving family:

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things…and, really, the list goes on and on.

  • People we don’t personally know, all over the continental U.S. upholding us faithfully in prayer.
  • Friends and mere acquaintances providing us with money that have helped us survive.
  • Cards, letters, sweet and timely words of faith and encouragement.
  • A family Steven worked for paying for his health insurance for 21/2 years when we had none.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things…and, really, the list goes on and on.  But then there’s the piece de resistance.  A young man here at the Naz, called Steven one night and said,  “I read about you in the church Prayer letter and I want to give you a kidney.”  Can you believe it?  Yes!

Absolutely!  Life can be a challenge…and sometimes just plain hard.  But God is still God.  He’s still on our side.  He’s still on His throne.  He’s still working miracles, all the time, every day.  He moves gently through our lives and makes His love and glory known.  His Spirit tries to fill us with courage and strength and faith so we can take one more step.  It takes faith and a surrendered soul to trust Him and like this much loved young man did and do what He asks.

Patty Clark