After attending the shapes class I felt extremely motivated and encouraged to get involved in the Ministries that I was best fit for. It really helped me distinguish where I could best serve in the body of Christ. It gave me a lot of insight into the different areas that were available to serve, not just in our church but in our community and in my family. Since I now am plugged into a few areas that I felt God was leading me towards, my spiritual growth and my relationship with God has blossomed and continues to produce fruit in my life, as well as the lives of others around me.

I strongly recommend the shapes class to anyone interested in where you should serve and how you should serve. The class will also be good if you’re interested in discovering how others serve and how our church serves our community. Take some time discovering what God made you for, I did, and it is making a big difference in my life.

By Leviticus Kniss, SHAPE Graduate


Taking the SHAPE class was one of the best things I did for myself, even though I was in immense pain for most of it. It was still worth it!! I discovered a strength that I have had since I was very young and that is the gift of empathy. Having this gift enables me to feel other peoples pain, their joy & their sorrows. I have often broke down in tears and not know why or I will break out in laughter and not know whose laughter I am sharing. I could go on & on about this precious gift, but I won’t. Another gift I have is service and boy did that hit home. Again since I was very young I volunteered to help in events, family gatherings & again I could go on & on but I won’t.

The SHAPE class taught me what my gifts and strengths are and how to use them for the good of all around me. My other strengths are includer, achiever and responsibility. Finding out what my strengths are and what they mean in my life has been a great blessing. I can never thank Pastor Kenn or Pastor Ron for teaching that class and for helping me to discover my gifts and leading me to figuring out where in our congregation I can put them to the best use.

I was hoping to take this class again but health issues prevent me from doing so this time, hopefully next time. May God bless all of you as you learn about how God has made you.

By Sharin Miller, SHAPE Graduate


The SHAPE class has been an integral part of my journey into discovering who I REALLY am. I had spent most of my life wandering around, grasping for who I thought I should be…or who I thought other people wanted and needed me to be. Always coming up short, disappointed, inadequate… honestly…disgusted.

What I learned in the SHAPE class has been life changing. My understanding of who I am and how God made me before the class (and my subsequent studies) was like trying to look through a pair of binoculars that are completely out of focus. I could only get a vague and frustrating sense of who I was and what my direction might be, no matter how hard I tried to see it. But as I’ve gone through the class and then followed God’s lead into personal study with Him, it’s been like those binoculars are slowly, steadily, and dramatically being adjusted into clearer and clearer focus! I’m feeling like I am starting to have clarity… to really, actually see what God is showing me about me!

Interestingly, God has been leading me to talk about some ideas that I’m having about where He’d like me to go, to do His work…I guess…ministry! Before the SHAPE class I knew that God loved me (in theory), but I certainly had no idea about the way God made me, or why. I most definitely did not think I could or would ever be capable of having a ministry!

After the class, after this introduction to who I am in God and how God made me, personally, I have been launched into an exciting adventure with God! How much better can life get than that?!

By Kristin Walburn, SHAPE Graduate