On Sunday evening, June 11th, the Cornerstone Ministries kicked off the summer activities with a good, old-fashioned Ice Cream social and Gospel Sing. The long season of abundant rain seems like a distant memory as we advance into the hot summer months.  A good way to start the summer is to gather with fellow followers of Jesus and feast on a smorgasbord of ice cream; and feast we did. When you reach the Cornerstone season of life, there are some blessings from the Lord that stand out, and good ice cream is one of them.

This year, we extended the invitation to four churches for their seniors to join us for the evening. We recognized Pastor Ed Hall and his wife Cassandra of the Wynn Memorial Church of God in Christ for their service to our community. Pastor Hall is a chaplain for the Butte County Sheriff’s Department and a good friend of Sheriff Kory Honea. His ministry and leadership have been felt and appreciated in the Sheriff”s Department. He came with a number of his seniors and enjoyed the evening immensely. Pastor David Goodson and his wife Janet of the Taylor Memorial Church of God in Christ, also came and shared in the fellowship. Janet Goodson was recently elected to the Oroville City Council.

After dessert, we focused  on singing together some of the gospel songs from years gone by. Stephanie Hayden led us, with Terry Smith accompanying her on the keyboard. The songs she chose were not just “oldies but goodies.” They reminded us of the Gospel Story each one of us has experienced “in Christ.” We began by enthusiastically singing, “Victory in Jesus,” and then the tempo changed and we experienced the personal presence of Jesus as we testified and sang “He Touched Me.” We sang other favorites like “Amazing Grace.” “It is Well With My Soul,” “The Old Rugged Cross,” and “Because He Lives.” It was evident that during this part of the service, there were hardly any spectators.

There was full participation as we praised the Lord together.

One of the important and ongoing opportunities Cornerstone has embraced this year is funding the teacher’s salaries for the new faith-based High School in Haiti. OroNaz has committed to building this school on the Island of LaGonave in Haiti. We have challenged each one in Cornerstone to give $1.00 a week for this need.  Last year, Cornerstone raised almost $7,000 to support the teachers.  We received an offering at the Ice Cream Social and received $850, bringing our total so far this year $1409. We have a long way to go, but we are a giving church and we are fully committed to these teachers who are committed to their students.

I concluded the evening by sharing three simple points that Pastor Dennis gave in his Morning message on David, and building a culture of honor.  The first one is, “Honor is something we give, not something we pursue.” The second is, “Only God is worthy of honor.”  He has honored us, and we should honor one another. The last one is, “Honor gives birth to more honor.” This seemed to sum up what the evening was all about, It was just good to come together and honor the Lord by honoring each other.


Pastor Ed Redfern