Steve and Debbie Scott

Reprinted from the SacNaz newsletter on October 2nd

Dear Friends & Family of the Sacramento District,

Many of you are aware of the cancer journey that Debbie Scott has been on since her diagnosis on March 13, 2018.  Since then Debbie has undergone 7 weeks of radiation treatments (5 days/week) and 2 weeks of chemotherapy (24 hrs/day).  Prior to treatments, she was fitted with a colostomy which she is wearing to this day.  After 6 months on this journey, we are grateful to share the following update with you:

On Thursday, 9/13 we met with the radiologist and surgeon who have been providing care for Debbie since her diagnosis.  Both doctors gave Debbie very thorough physical exams to confirm what was determined from the most recent PET scan of Debbie on 8/31.  The PET scan indicated that the cancer has been greatly reduced and has not spread to any other part of Debbie’s body.  Some lymph nodes which were previously affected by the cancer have been restored.

The radiologist described the response of the cancer to the radiation and chemotherapy treatment as “Excellent” and “Remarkable.”  In his opinion there was a “complete clinical response” of the cancer to the treatments, indicating the cancer can’t be seen, touched or found by physical exam at this time.

Following the radiologist’s exam, the surgeon was greatly encouraged by the impact of the treatments on the cancer, and she stated it was obvious there is power in prayer.  She further indicated that at this time there will not be a need for surgery.

Debbie will continue to wear a colostomy at least until there is complete healing of the internal tissue impacted by the radiation.  For the immediate future we will meet with the surgeon monthly to continue monitoring the progress of the cancer’s demise.  There will be a new PET scan in 4 months to provide a comparative image to further determine the progress toward healing.

Debbie has been released by both doctors to return to work on October 1.  She has now regained 16 of the 30 lbs she lost during this time.  She has begun attending a fitness class with other cancer patients hosted by the St. Joseph’s Cancer Center in Stockton where all of her care has been administered.

We have been amazed by not surprised by the companionship of God on this journey.  Our heart continues to go out to those we know, and so many we don’t know whose lives have been and are being impacted by the many cancer related illnesses in our day.  We believe we are witnessing the healing of God in Debbie’s body, and we are hopeful that through all of this the glory of God will be revealed in many ways.  We are so thankful for the many expressions of faith and encouragement over the past six months, and we will greatly appreciate your continued prayers of faith as we trust God in the coming weeks and months.

With love & gratitude to you all,
Steve & Debbie Scott