OroNaz Worship Service


4:00pm at New Life Church

965 Grand Avenue • Oroville, California

On Saturday, December 1st the Evacuation Shelter closed at OroNaz. All of the Evacuees have been transferred to a long-term shelter at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. We anticipate several more weeks of clean up at the OroNaz facility before we can return to ministry and worship there. Once again, we have decided to accept the generous offer from Pastor Kenny Malone and his church in Thermalito to make space for us to gather to worship at 4pm. We anticipate we will be there for the next three Sundays. It is our hope to be ready to return to our regular facility by Sunday, December 23rd. Thank you for your prayers and patience as we work to clean up and repair the facility so it is safe for all.

This Sunday afternoon, we will again join together as a family to worship together at 4pm. We want to sing songs, encourage each other, pray together, and lean into the presence and the peace of God. Pastor Kenn will be preaching and will launch our Advent Season with a message called “The Thrill of Hope”. Please plan to join us as we gather this Sunday.

We will now be able to return to our regular Children’s classes, which includes nursery ages 0-4, along with K-6.

New Life Church is located out Grand Avenue in Thermalito
on the other side of the freeway at 965 Grand Avenue.

If you need help finding New Life Church, you should be able to click this link to help find directions.