Wall Fire Update

Back in early July the Wall Fire broke out, although it only lasted a week, it created a lot of unrest and concern for Oroville residents. Once the fire was extinguished many started moving back onto their property. Some found amazing things, fire that burned up to their eves, but didn’t touch their house, other found fire that had burnt all around their house, but others found nothing left when they went home. 41 residence were destroyed, some have been able to start to rebuild, but almost three months later some are still waiting for clearance to get on their land. One of the big hurdles has been cleaning up the hazardous waste. A second hurdle was getting power poles replaced that burned up. Several weeks ago Gridley Electric donated three poles for fire victims. So now the need was to get the power poles to the property. A local business in town, “Shifflet Bros.” a trucking company, was approached to pick up the poles and take them to the properties. They agreed to help, and that same day the poles were dropped on each persons property.

It was hoped that we could get the power poles replaced and the owners could get PG&E to hook up power and they could start the road to rebuilding. We ran into a number of problems making that happen. To date we still have not put the power poles in place, but we are closer to making it happen. In an effort to try and help fire victims not just from the Wall Fire, but also the Ponderosa and now the Bangor Fires, a team of people have pulled together from different groups, including the Wall Fire Facebook page, and the Yanky Hill Fire Recovery group. In a recent meeting of that group an electrician was found that would help put the electrical boxes on the poles once in place and make them ready for PG&E. The total cost of putting a pole up, not including the pole, is $1,000. If you are interested in helping out fire victims a special fund is set up at the Naz. Plan to join us for a free concert Sunday night at 6pm to raise funds for this cause. The story is not finished, but through it all God is at work and his people are working together to be his hands and feet. Once we get power restored for some of the victims we will be looking for more help cleaning and preparing the property to rebuild. Watch for opportunities to help in other ways as well.

Kenn Bishop