Upward Evaluation Postponed

Upward evaluations were scheduled for this Saturday at OroNaz; however, due to our facility being utilized as an evacuation site, we are postponing evaluations till Saturday, Nov. 17th.

Evacuation Site Information

OroNaz has been activated as a Red Cross shelter for the #CampFire near Paradise.
If you have been evacuated and are looking for our location, the address is 2238 Monte Vista Avenue.

Evacuees are not registered in any online data base. If any friends of family members want information or status of a loved one, the only way to obtain that information is to:

  • Come physically to the Nazarene Church (check in with Red Cross personnel at the Fellowship Hall) and have Red Cross physically look for the requested person/s
  • Post a message note on a message board located in the Fellowship Hall

All fire information calls can be directed to: 530-538-7826

If you had to leave animals behind, please call the Animal Disaster Hotline: 530-895-0000

Information Update

3pm Daily Chapel Services
For a half an hour each afternoon we are gathering in the fellowship hall for worship, encouragement, reading of scripture and prayer.
The Hope Center is the drop off hub for all donations.

Here is a short list of items needed (as of 11/13/18):

  • gloves • nonlatex
  • cap openers
  • hair brushes/hairties
  • cereal • fruit
  • tarps (rain protection)
  • sleeping bags
  • big men’s shoes
  • heavy blankets
  • laundry soap
  • tents
  • air mattresses
  • diapers (4, 5 & 6)
  • eye wash
  • backpacks
  • men’s shoes
  • towels
  • chapstick
  • kid’s underwear
  • bread
  • suit cases

To receive donations, families need to show documentation that they are registered as an evacuee. You can get evacuee status at any evacuation site. You are not required to be staying at the site to receive donations.

Clothing is available for displaced fire victims at the the Municipal Auditorium. Call the Hope Center for more information and hours of operation.

Please do not drop off donations at the Oroville Church of the Nazarene campus. They will be assessing needs and sending runners to retrieve all supplies from the Hope Center. (Thank you Fathers House for taking that on!)

The Hope Center is located at: 1950 Kitrick Ave A, Oroville, CA 95966

You can also give financially by writing Camp Fire in the memo line of your check and either drop it off at the Church or mail it to OroNaz, 2238 Monte Vista Ave, Oroville Ca. 95966. You can also give online by clicking here, mark the box: “Local Disaster Relief”, in the optional memo area type “CAMP FIRE.”

The Fathers House Campus has 6 showers available for evacuees at 2661 Elgin St.

Sunday Nov. 11th // CHANGE OF PLANS

Due to the potential fire threat to the community, increased evacuations, and severe decline in air quality, we have decided to cancel all plans for Sunday morning gatherings.

Stay prepared to leave home if an evacuation order goes into effect in your neighborhood.

We are, however, planning to meet for prayer at 6pm in the offices behind the church if you would like to come out to pray on Sunday evening.

All other planned events at OroNaz in the immediate future are canceled as we serve the evacuated community until futher notice.

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