T o    K n o w    &     B e    K n o w n

What is CommonTable?

The very nature of God is relational, and God initiated relationship with us through creating us. He committed to the relationship by promising Abraham restoration; He followed through in relationship by becoming one of us, in Jesus, and-- now fills us with His Spirit to empower relationships that make the invisible God, visible.
God is inviting you into relationships. OroNaz’s hope for this CommonTable experience is that we would come together in commonness, risk our isolation and share our lives, discovering that our uncommon God lives in those relationships.

CommonTable is a 9-week (9/29-11/24) emphasis at OroNaz that includes everyone!

CommonTable Has 3 Parts:

1. A Sunday teaching series that will span 9 biblical topics that invite us to discover God’s beauty and redeeming power made known in relationships.
2. Two all-church CommonTable Potluck Meals at OroNaz (Oct. 13 & Nov. 24) at 5:00pm.
3. Five CommonTable weekly gatherings (Oct. 20 – Nov. 17) around tables that include food and sharing the presence of others. These weekly gatherings will be held in a few different homes (day/time will be decided among each group).

FAQ about CommonTable (CT):

What about my kids? Families with any age of kids are encouraged to join in. As groups are formed, we are aiming to have at least two families with kiddos in each group.
How do I join a CT Group? Go to or sign-up in the lobby before or after the service.
How are the groups divided up? Upon registration, participants will be prayed over and then placed in a CT group with the goal of diversity of age, stage of life, and so on. Join us in prayer for God’s arrangement of these groups. Each group member will be introduced to their CT group at the all-church common meal (potluck) on 10/13.
Can I be placed with a friend in a CT Group? Yes! When registering there will be an opportunity to request a friend or couple that you would like to participate with.
If I want to host a CT gathering, what’s expected of me? Hosts will have 2 jobs: 1) Open their home and have places for people to sit; 2) Provide a simple drink (water, lemonade or tea). You will not be asked to lead anything, and you will not be expected to provide any items for the potluck unless you choose.
Can teens attend their own CT group? Yes. If you are 16 or older you can participate in your own CT group. However, you must have your parents’ permission (including their commitment for transportation). Otherwise, all children/teens are welcome to attend a CT group with their parent/guardian.
Are CT groups a Life Group? No.
Where will the 5 CT gatherings be held? In rotating participant homes (weather permitting, groups can opt to meet in a park or common space if they choose).
Is there a leader of the group? Yes. Each group will have a facilitator that helps with communication and organization. Group members will meet their facilitator on 10/13 at the all-church common potluck.
What if I have a special need or request (ride, dietary, etc.…)? Go ahead and register and at the all-church common potluck (10/13) you can talk with the facilitator and they will help with that need.
Are CT groups replacing Life Groups? No. Some Life Groups are still meeting and others will be resuming after the first of the year.
I missed signing up for a CT group, can I still participate after the CT groups have already started? Yes! To get plugged in, email or visit
Do I have to host a CT gathering in my home? No. There is no pressure to host a gathering in your home. Since there will be more participants than gathering times, not all participants will need to host a gathering.
What about the food? The food is not the point of CT-- relationships are. CT meals will be potluck style. The facilitator will coordinate meals and each participant will be encouraged to contribute (except for the host of that week’s gathering).
Do I have to make all 5 of the CT gatherings to participate? No. We think you wouldn’t regret coming to all 5, but we also know that many will just not be able to. Jump in as much as you can—don’t let this be a barrier to you joining a CT group.
Can I invite friends who don’t go to OroNaz to my CT gathering? Yes! Please let your facilitator know so your friend can be warmly welcomed when they attend.